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Underworld Empire Forums FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.


Do jobs to earn cash, experience points, and grow stronger.
As you complete more jobs, more will become available on the map.
If a certain job is not yet available, try completing other jobs first.

Challenge Jobs
You can do special challenge jobs to earn powerful new gear or even lieutenants. Your chances of getting rewarded depends on how high the challenge meter is.
Once the challenge job has been collected, you can perform the job again to collect even more gear!

Fights - Duels/Wars

Challenge other players to see where you and your underworld empire stand!
As you move up the ranks, you will grow stronger as well as unlock powerful new items.

Duels match you against other players one-on-one (mano-a-mano) with your best Lieutenant, Weapon, Gear, and Vehicle. The better your gear is, the better chance you have at winning!
Hint: Complete Challenge jobs and Boss fights for rare and powerful items!

War matches you against another player based on the number of Allies you have. The more allies you have, the more Lieutenants, Weapons, Gear, and Vehicles you will bring with you to the War.
Hint: Recruit as many allies as possible to help your chances of victory!

Boss Fights

Battle bosses to earn cash, experience, and move on to new areas. Defeat Bosses before the timer expires for a chance to earn rare items and other rewards!
Hint: Call your allies for backup to help battle tough Gang Bosses. By recruiting as many allies as you can, the possibility and ease of defeating bosses for their rewards before the timer goes out increases!


As you do jobs for each of the different gangs you will earn affiliation points. As your affiliation points for the gangs increase, you will be able to unlock special items that are specific to each.
Another way to gain affiliation points is to Pay Respect to one of the gang bosses.

Pay Respect
You can choose to pay respect to the gang bosses once every 24 hours (48 hours for the Cartel). Paying respect will make your character stronger, earn you unique items, as well as increase your Affiliation Points with that gang.
Hint: Visit the game daily to pay respect, gain affiliation, and gain special items in order to rise to the top!


Assign your lieutenants to your inner circle to grant yourself that specific lieutenant's special bonuses. As you grow stronger, the number of chairs within your inner circle will grow, allowing you to assign even more lieutenants. Each chair in the inner circle also confers an additional bonus!
Those lieutenants equipped in your inner circle will level up as you use them in Jobs, Fights, and Boss Battles.

You can also combine lieutenants with the same star-ranking to increase that lieutenants star-rank and power. Combining Lieutenants will reset their level back to 1.

Where Can I Get Lieutenants?
You can get more lieutenants by doing Challenge Jobs or from the Favor Page.


Buying properties allows you to generate cash hourly to purchase items and lieutenants (or to heal). You will need to come back occasionally to collect your earnings.
Once you have hit the max, your income will be 10% of what it normally is. Though you will still be able to accrue income, it is still imperative to empty your cash every now and again. Some properties have special bonuses and upgrades, so keep that in mind.

Hint: Once you have enough cash to buy a Safehouse, you will be able to increase your max collection; use the upgrade feature to increase your Max Cash Reserve even further!


The Shop gives you access to acquire new Weapons, Gear, and Vehicles. Some of these items will be required for you to finish jobs.
Items also allow you to be Stronger in Boss Fights, Duels, and War. It is a good idea to stock up!

Hint: Items take some time to acquire but you can speed up the process if you use favor!


Allies are other players that are able to help you in Boss Fights and War. When you request help for Boss Fights, they will be alerted on their News Feed. They also allow you to bring more weapons into War, thus helping to defeat your enemies!

Hiring Allies
You can hire allies by sending them a request and some cash. If accepted, they become your ally.

Adding a Friend as an Ally
If you would like to add your friend as an ally, ask them for their army code (or give them yours). This will allow you to add each other for free.

Hint: The more Allies you have, the more powerful you become!


The Bank allows you to safely stash your cash from your enemies. However, the Bank will charge a 10% fee to deposit your cash; withdrawing is free.

Hint: There are special lieutenants who you can equip that will reduce your bank fee.


You can send free gifts to your friends to help them out. Encourage them to send one back to you as well! You can unlock more powerful gifts as you get stronger.

NOTE: Sometimes Gifts are required to fight special bosses.

Tech Lab

The tech lab allows you to create powerful Weapons, Gear or Vehicles by combining various items found throughout the game!
NOTE: Some special bosses can only be unlocked through tech lab items.


The hospital will restore your health to full... for a price!
If you are 0 health you will be unable to battle. Low health also severely impacts how much damage you can do during boss fights.
Hint: Heal yourself before you are in critical condition, Nurse Stacey will charge double the price!

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