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  1. I hope you understand me correctly?
    What I say and you guys/girls hear are two different thinks.
    MMB, Casino Royale and Battle Royale crates stay the same.
    Facebook and now Forums has got a lot of competitions and the PRIZE is 1x crate roll, I call it a common crate roll.
    The PRIZE you give should be equal to a Valentine's crate, Thanksgiving crate, Halloween crate and Christmas crate.
    Uncommon 70%, rare 20% and 10%
    The odds of you getting the lieutenant you want is still low. 1 in 24 and only 10% epic.

    P.S. They moved mobile mob's thread from developers to I hate this and this is why it is out of context.
    Hopefully this clears thinks up, I am talking about the PRIZE not the normal crate roll.
    I don't buy crates or scratchers and never will, only promo's.
    Mobile mob
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