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  1. hi superD.
    ive been playing uwe for more then 2 years and at this points all rankings are set, pvp is dominated by the same guys and empire wars are dominated by the same empires nothing changes from month to month people have same builds and play same way.
    im my opinion , what this game needs is to open a new server so everyone can start from the beginning and create other empires and try to dominate the new server , new comers will have it easier to catch up with the rest .bcz how do u expect a new player to stick playing when he sees theres players at lvl 3-8k.
    talk with ur developers and do everything u can to create a new server .it will be nice a game i used to play before this "spartan wars" had more then 200 server and same player would spend cash in over 10 servers in 3 years.
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