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  1. Hello. There isn't any post of a minimum requirement again
  2. Would you know if Natalie power works as counter attacks also?
  3. Thanks. Also please thank who ever finely started running the promotion for events. I would also like to tell you that I'm sorry. When I'm passionate about something my mouth can get the better of me. Just so you know. It was never about the rewards, it was about fixing a issue. Please let me know if I can help in anyway. Thanks and happy gaming.
  4. Just got this, sorry Tayien - work was sucky this week.

    I do know that I'll be sharing it every MMB and encouraging Gaea to incorporate it in some way. I may not be able to fix the past but will try and help spread the word
  5. Your right. I'm not a new guy. I started playing about the first part of 2013 on my iPad. I have 4 accounts 2 on iPad and 2 on Android. So yes I have played all the MMB events. With that being said I was still unaware of a minimum requirement for that event. I started Night Train in 7-22-13 and have players leave the game because of the issue I stated. Looking for a loophole, no. I understand the need for requirements. I also understand the need to let everyone know them. I truly believe for the growth of the game All requirements should be stated. You could even raise them just let people know.
  6. Hello. Can you help me please. Left messages Duke and SuperD and no reply yet.
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