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  1. People usually have an inclination towards killing or demo - my gut says you'd prefer Ghost but that's just an early opinion...
  2. So I am at a crossroads. Ghost or level my term
  3. Well, if you get Grenade to 3 then Terminators are better than HW at demo by virtue of the shield damage boost. And getting Bury to 3 or Napalm to 3 is a personal preference but they are useful for the added damage either way. It's less about building size and more about empire speed vs if there is a healer. If you're hitting a building quick then Bury is better for the bit of extra damage - if there's a healer then Napalm helps keep them from healing to 100% which does help.
  4. I have seen that they are weaker then ghost at killing and less effective then HW for building demo. I like the sound of bury but is it useful on a normal building if 4 or more. Not a lot of building have more then 5 people unless it HQ or hospital. Thanks in advance.
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