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Conversation Between Mist and Guy

Conversation Between Mist and Guy

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  1. Hey Mist, the lieutenant thread got closed while I was editing my post.

    Jimmy the Rat

    Jimmy the Rat has made a living always being on the winning side of the war. Even with no real affiliation, Jimmy always seems to be around the action.


    Ability: Jimmy the Rats affiliation becomes the affiliation you are.

    1* Ability, (numbers are ballpark)
    If Jimmy the Rat is Syndicate: + 2 Stamina
    If Jimmy the Rat is Mafia: +4 Energy
    If Jimmy the Rat is Street: +4 Attack
    If Jimmy the Rat is Cartel: +4 Defense.


    Jimmys Jacket: +20 Health
    Jimmys Gun: +1% Crit, Stackable 3x
    Jimmys Gloves: +5% Crit Damage

    Explaination: I know the abilities aren't the most exciting, but the mechanic that this introduces would become a very useful mechanic in the game. The way it is used here would make Jimmy the Rat the most versatile lieutenant in the game, usable in any faction loadout.
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