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  1. Hey Mist, Iím not sure how to PM you, outside of a visitor message... lol, sorry about that. You asked for our info from the Create a LT Contest:

    IGN: Shinoseppun
    Player Code: 1B0102

    If you need anything else, feel free to ask! Hoo-rah, and thanks guys!! Iím really excited to see Gold Digger in action 😃😃😃
  2. Hey man, I've got some questions about skill-buying recommendations as far as Reapers go. I'm about halfway to lvl3, and I'm just looking for advice as I build. But also, do you know if there's a "Line" community for Reapers??... I know there is for Snipers. Hoo-rah, & thanks in advance 🍻🍻 1B0102... Just in case 😈
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