View Full Version : It's all about activity money and strategy MY SUGGESTIONS for upgrade just sayin

03-07-2013, 02:18 AM
:)I will have to say that inactive players SHOULD NOT BE IN EMPIRES!!! Why aren't they just free lance? I know that we like to win... Also while I'm back and forth about the money I enjoy being able t buy more stamina, if u can do it why not? I mean the game has to make money...but I also think that we should be able to upgrade building without an empire cap of only 500,000!!! That's not fair that's like what 5 people a day? I have an empire FULL OF ACTIVES, that's how I recruited them..well some arent a d they will go freelance, but I have at least 25-30 on in a day, I feel like AT LEAST 20 ppl should be able to donate a day, the limit should most def be increased, I mean this is a gam to win right? If weaker empires can't contribute sorry but I have so many willing to. Also if players are in different time zones can they still donate? Now I feel like at least the 24 hour clock should start for each individual person. ALSO if we can buy epics and stamina and all this why cants we buy war tokens? And why can't we start with more than 10 if its 30 max? If you wait on 30 ur dead lol, just suggestions.:confused: