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02-24-2013, 06:29 PM
Just some ideas I had for this game! Sorry if these have been posted before

Having a deposit all button for banking. It'd make banking a whole lot quicker

Deleting allies. Would be beneficial if you could sort by last date played and see that too, so you could delete inactives

Would be nice to be able to make purchases without going to the bank. It'd make the process quicker

Fix the glitch of purchasing properties and having to have more money than needed. I noticed that when purchasing properties you can't have the exact amount. I work around this by withdrawing 1 dollar over the amount

Maybe owning hospitals could reduce health regeneration time

Fixing the news. I've noticed boss battle invites disappear and reappear a lot. Like for example I'd see one, accept a gift, and then that invite is not in the news anymore. Check back later and it'd be back. Noticed that when I also left a message in my empire too. It disappeared even from the chat but then I saw it hours later

The daily gift is nice but what about also rewarding those who play more. Say like if you play a week straight you get something that'd be better than the daily gift, then a month straight something better than daily/week, then if you play a year you could get something really nice? Like it would be your daily gift but at those intervals just something nicer

Maybe you could do holiday specials where you could get holiday themed items. Like collect certain items and you could get a holiday themed item

Gift all button. Also make it so you can only gift once a day too. I've noticed you can just constantly gift someone. Maybe you could also be able to gift to your empire and have different gifts than the regular gifts

Being able to add multiple allies. Maybe at least up to 5 or 10 at a time

Text alerts for when being attacked, energy/health/stamina being regenerated. Also be able to do jobs and attack others

A market between players so you can trade, buy, sell extra stuff

The ability to use more energy on jobs. Like with boss battles you can use up to 10 stamina. Why not the option for jobs to be able to use all the energy possible. Or enough to finish the job (if possible)

Being able to use all your stamina on a boss battle hit. This way you wouldn't have to change your attack if you wanted

It'd be nice if you could get notified if people reply back to wall posts you leave them on their wall. Unless I'm missing there being a setting for that

Auto accept gift option. Seems tedious to always have to accept each gift

Maybe search for your allies by name

02-26-2013, 01:31 AM
I appreciate the time it took you to compile this excellent wish list of features.

We have another game called Castle Age that has been around for a few years and which contains many features (like some of the ones on your list) that we were unable to put into the initial release of Underworld Empire. Over the next few updates you will see a number of these features get added.

For the past 3 months we've been working diligently on a major client update (v 1.3), and I think you'll notice some of these suggestions have been implemented. And there are another 1-2 items on your list that you will likely see in game in the near future. Many other suggestions on this list are also excellent but have previously been discussed internally and will likely not become part of the game for various reasons.

Hope you find the 1.3 update to be a good start towards making the game even more enjoyable and thank you again for your efforts in the community.