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  1. Crates <<< WTH
  2. First!
  3. Section Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING
  4. I hate the cry babies on forum
  5. You know what really grinds my gears.
  6. I hate
  7. Battle royal. I feel like I've been ripped off again.
  8. So I don't necessarly HATE this. But it's a tad annoying.
  9. Downgrading dice jobs
  10. Free agents
  11. War logs
  12. Favor Points
  13. I hate world chat, let's ditch the kids
  14. 3 Omakase's from Dragon Core!? Wtf!?
  15. Dish Network
  16. I hate when this happens!
  17. Attacked at the bank
  18. Dragon Core is one giant troll
  19. I hate when I waste a refill.
  20. Can I hate you?
  21. Ok so war logs coming soon?? Or is it a joke ?
  22. We have a problem
  23. STOP! Very Freaking Soon!
  24. Tampons And Pads...F***
  25. Late wars
  26. Class action suit?
  27. Real Action - Boycott Underworld Empire Now!
  28. Promos
  29. I hate...
  30. I hate the Class'ism against Heavies
  31. HQ in empire
  32. Stop counting damage from executions!
  33. Level up Fiasco
  34. War logs (redux)
  35. This game made me feel bad luck
  36. lightnings artwork
  37. Trolls
  38. EVE clock that occasionally works
  39. What's up with the battle match ups?
  40. Updated. Game crashes. Can't do shyt!
  41. Game crashes after update!!
  42. I really hate stupid people
  43. I hate that everybody is thinking PowerLeveling now
  44. I hate that kids play online!
  45. I just wondering one thing
  46. hate on profile comments...
  47. I hate Innocence
  48. Sick of Trix!!!
  49. Disappointed in Pheonix Age (Promotion)
  50. For all those that work on secret jobs
  51. Official "I Hate Trix and want her dead and gone off the game" thread
  52. Hate List of Hate
  53. Ripped off
  54. Well Done UE!
  55. stupid signature editing
  56. new favor LT sucks...
  57. New Fp Lt Lmao
  58. The new uipdate - Give PA yet more money
  59. This forum is a mess
  60. No help, No customer service, phoenix age dont care less
  61. I give up I can't post anything.
  62. Dragon Core. Still hate it.
  63. Email responsetime
  64. Execution past 2nd tier and no sound
  65. LT Cost to high makes me
  66. Cash Limit.
  67. Insane lag, despite solid connection.
  68. Hating on...
  69. Spent too much on UE and PA broke down
  70. Thoughts?
  71. Kabamm SUCKS
  72. Stressed and need to vent!
  73. The new match up sucks!
  74. Bloody cashouts
  75. Dam Scratch Off!
  76. PABLAM couldnt even run a bath without f**king it up😂
  77. Seriously PakaFail....
  78. Another 4 hours?? Getting stupid now
  79. The Event
  80. Request Time Out
  81. Oh yeah... AND,... they already had A 24 HOUR EXTENSION AND THEN ANOTHER ONE
  82. Good bye UE
  83. AAAAAAHHHHH Get me back on the app!!! I don't care if event is good or bad
  84. War times will not change for me!
  85. Scratchers
  86. These damned silver eagles
  87. I think this community need to shut the hell up for once.
  88. Million Man Boss Place Rewards
  89. boss timer
  90. Alerts. I hate them so much delayed...
  91. collection active
  92. Facebook!?!?!?
  93. Stop moving our posts!!!!
  94. Okay I get it sorta!
  95. Scratches are suck!
  96. Just whining, plain whining
  97. Closed?
  98. Heavens Fury Empire
  99. Should I continue with dice?
  100. This is absurd
  101. Rewards
  102. 24 hr promo!
  103. Have you ever.....
  104. Doomsday
  105. Back Up Needed!
  106. Battle royal 2 improved battle system my arse
  107. I hate battle royal
  108. Promo..
  109. lvl 7 vs lvl 10
  110. Fight Leage...or F'd league??
  111. Problems adjusting eve time
  112. Have you bin a lucky event player ?
  113. Remove update! I want the old back now!
  114. Scratchers ......
  115. How to lose a customer in 10 days
  116. Spend money on this game? Ha! I don't think so.
  117. You tried to attack but tripped!
  118. BS scratchers.
  119. Will miss out on these BS Gold Coins. How to not do the same stupid thing I did.
  120. Why Hannibal??
  121. Red Countess too godlike
  122. Retarded BR badges
  123. Epic items, dragon core etc
  124. Skins are pointless!
  125. Fix the badges already
  126. 3 Dragon Core Epics? Here, Have 3 Omakases
  127. No more mmb ever please
  128. And here it is again...
  129. 11th Place gets top 10 place reward in MMB event
  130. Heavy Disappointment
  131. Getting Blood Diamonds
  132. High health makes this game miserable
  133. 500+ allies and never getting gifts...
  134. PA's generic response to the extra rewards given out
  135. Why does Doomsday only have 50 seats?
  136. Devs should make up mmb top ten
  137. Unanswered mmb questions
  138. You know what really grinds my gears?
  139. Stupid flashing Sara
  140. 48hours waiting!!
  141. Dice job VS crates and their value
  142. Promo
  143. Crashgate Compensation Event
  144. Scratched and never got the win
  145. Can't post
  146. paying good money and then not receiving my favour points
  147. Got an nice suggestion
  148. This is a game not real life
  149. IOS to android
  150. I'm a dumb.
  151. So I saved my free Crate Rolls...
  152. Awesome new Nautica Promo!!
  153. Scratchers, from bad to worse
  154. no gifts from the beginning
  155. World war event
  156. Are you tired of the WW Event yet?
  157. Crate rolls do it again
  158. Token Recharge Packs are a complete JOKE
  159. What the * PABam, I have had enough of the tripping already
  160. Frank doesnt deserve to be called an epic
  161. France
  162. Frank is even worse
  163. Crying.were?
  164. Insignia Availability On Android
  165. Android updates ......
  166. Bsi strike
  167. Envy does not work with LV
  168. Insignias Epic Fail 6 times in a row
  169. SOOOO mad!! I JUST bought $10 this morning!! BAH!!
  170. Why I think complaining about Event LTs is Short-sighted
  171. Android Insignia Compensation but none for ios 5.1.1
  172. leveling new classes
  173. Get rid of the 2 hour rule to switch toons
  174. 10k cc requirement
  175. Where is the logic?
  176. Moderator to approve post!
  177. Make dice jobs how they used to be - remove 4th common LT please
  178. PvP first hit
  179. I give up
  180. EvE matchmaking
  181. Reduce the load times
  182. My boss! Why does everyone join it and beat it ? Grrr!
  183. 9 failures in a row on insignia upgrade at level 11
  184. Reaper Class Sucks!
  185. Recent MMB Stamina glitch
  186. MMB Crappy Item Drop
  187. Winter Wolf Event. The "X strategy"
  188. Choppers power released... prepare to be disappointed..
  189. Do The Devs Hate Enforcers?!
  190. Disable 48 hour lockout FP purchase
  191. Proposed FP strike across ue
  192. Deflect dyslexia, 15% really 51%
  193. Stereotypes
  194. Inignia upgrade - COMON!
  195. Scratchers and Crate Rolls - 4 VIP Packs... please post your opinion
  196. $160 for a VIP
  197. Price of CP
  198. Where Is the Communication?
  199. Devs winning contest's
  200. Fight League 3 "tailored to cut the lil man"
  201. I find this a big problen
  202. Scratcher results.... (From FP)
  203. Felling like a sucker...
  204. In my 80+ days of playing the game...
  205. Show my Enzo's Law please!
  206. Server timeouts making game unplayable
  207. Dollar value SUCKS!!!
  208. I've grown to despise dice jobs.
  209. hate list
  210. Ghost massively overpowered
  211. Lost Chips
  212. Choice of cards to make chips
  213. Just rolled 63 Invasion Crates
  214. New crate vouchers?? Also event/crate rant
  215. We did not come rewards event.
  216. "Out of office"
  217. Daily login rewarda are ridiculous !
  218. Support?
  219. New Battle List System Unfair
  220. There needs to be a trading system!
  221. Nerf Powershot
  222. Really guys? Maintenance during war?
  223. Crate shards are bull
  224. New event
  225. Epic Beast Insigs?
  226. Feeling ripped off over spectra
  227. why do you guys hate defenders so much?
  228. Holding tight when we should let go
  229. Scratcher Odds
  230. New badges look
  231. Event payouts
  232. Waiting for a promo
  233. Worst tech support ever.
  234. are you kidding???? 😡
  235. Boss Search badly needed
  236. Underworld empire support sucks
  237. This event
  238. Thousands of $$ spent
  239. Dont close thread, updating ue on android biggest mistake
  240. Are you kidding me with this reward?!
  241. #301...really?
  242. I Hate This!
  243. What is a "sell LT" ?!?
  244. Entering in verification code before each message
  245. Pvp during eve
  246. UE is partially down
  247. I wanted to voice my opinion/thought, please read.
  248. Heist
  249. Where did this promotion go?!
  250. Frank Does NOT proc in event!