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  1. World war III has broken out!!!
  2. What happened in WW3
  3. READ - Rules and Policies
  4. Inception.... Complete 😈
  5. *EVENT* Game Guru Funnies
  6. Flalming other people
  7. The War Thread
  8. Why is every empire so weak and I'm so strong?
  9. Is the secret to Chosen's success cookies?
  10. Chosen backs out of EvE.
  11. Chosens new theme song. = running scared.
  12. Bullies fight or hide?? Chosen hides.
  13. Poll: Who Are the Bullies of UE?
  14. Chosen 17 empire shadows 0
  15. Shoe sale at Walmart. Go chosen go
  16. What kind of war game doesn't war??
  17. Top ten reasons why chosen backed out of eve.
  18. Why chosen prefers to play candy crush over UE
  19. Chosen is simply the best
  20. Chosen or ES?
  21. To Bad Gemini.
  22. Everyone got Chosen hiding mixed up!
  23. ⭐Honor the Great and Powerful Archaic ⭐
  24. Ever wonder why players join ES?
  25. Best Score your empire got whilst facing ES or Chosen!
  26. Empire Alliances
  27. Weak. All of you.
  28. Chosen does it again!
  29. Chosen vs. EmpireShadows
  30. Empire Shadows 18th battle with the newly formed CHOSEN.
  31. Humble Pie
  32. You know why Chosen is the best?
  33. Commission is getting owned by UFW!
  34. This reminds ME of YOU
  35. Chosen and their Headofficer of Doom.
  36. Goose of Fallen Angels : STOP HIDING IN A HOSPITAL YOU COWARD!
  37. Real life endeavors
  38. Our Empire's so tough banter! (fun boast thread join in)
  39. Congratulation to Unusual Suspects
  40. My gun's bigger than yours!
  41. Crooks Versus Chosen
  42. OMG it's BLUNATIC (BLUE)!!!
  43. The answer to why Chosen cannot lose...
  44. Archaic proves inferior.
  45. A Huge War
  46. Congrats, Chosen for 200/0 EVE wins
  47. To Ruger
  48. Im getting really tired of Choosen Bullies - you?
  49. UnderWorld War II has begun
  50. Archaic
  51. Later UE leftovers
  52. Do you really hate CHOSEN or have you just jumped on the UE BAND WAGON.
  53. Farmers United! I've got a brand new combined harvester!
  54. Why do people act tough but act like children?
  55. Over Lords and Team 'Merica and the BS that ensues.
  56. WWEND - EPIC/HISTORY- Empire Shadows, Chaos Doomed - Biggest War Ever!
  57. Commit Sudoku.
  58. To the dumbass
  59. Assassini Fam Hates America!
  60. Dow vs Chosen, ES, RM, Mist Knights, The Commision, Ordoabachoa, Unfukwitables
  61. Maddog.
  62. I Just Need To Vent!!!!
  63. Please farm me!
  64. List of in game farmers
  65. The B00nd0ck Saints Situation
  66. Over Lords and Team 'Merica.
  67. Rematch - RM vs ES
  68. Underworld graveyard.
  69. War Times
  70. 300-0 win streak can anyone stop chosen?
  71. Empire shadows finally a third tier empire thanks to the almighty chosen
  72. Ku Klux Klan empire
  73. How to Destroy an Epic Empire
  74. Hats off to Assassini fam
  75. Team BLUE vs Team SOCK
  76. Chosen will observe Labor Day holiday
  77. Dow and Fallen Angelz
  78. How would y'all deal with this...?
  79. Useless point system in arena
  80. Battle Royale is stinky
  81. Dow is too easy.
  82. Searching for update101
  83. Question for Blue
  84. Searching for Dow members
  85. AFS is showing their respect! (Sep11)
  86. The Dow Whore.
  87. Dueling Etiquette
  88. Pseudos strikes again.
  89. Free Agent - Objects of Scorn
  90. You just got PaRk*d
  91. Free agent needs you!!!
  92. Free agent vs chosen
  93. Chosen vs Free Agent EvE 1
  94. CHOSEN FREE AGENT War chat. ( hate, nazi jokes, and some angry SOB's)
  95. I have a stalker
  96. Wrong thread
  97. Do you ever wish that old Chaos was back?
  98. Free Agent, Chosen, blah blah
  99. Major Problem: My whole empire is getting hit. These guys are 3.75X - 12X my LVL
  100. Pseusos in game name
  101. Gary with Vash
  102. BBB's Fight Club - Revitalized by Unusual Suspects!!!!!!
  103. RM did good :)
  104. Definiton of Farming
  105. Crazy Sunday night
  106. Please hit me
  107. Goodfellas? Who's that?
  108. 4 war battes?
  109. High Rank , Low Level Empires : Do they exist ?
  110. Russian mafias turned into a dictatorship ! Lol kicked!
  111. Petition to BAN Theroux from forum
  112. Petition to ban VJ for trolling this thread the past several months.
  113. Since I'm the King of controversy...
  114. Since I'm the King of controversy... Legit or no?
  115. A VILE member of CROOKS. Please read!
  116. Battle
  117. Personal attack by Bad Omens King Dc
  118. Congrats Blue!
  119. You're all weak! Come try me 6'deep all day
  120. You're weak! I'm strong! Come try me!
  121. I'm not afraid 6'deep
  122. Who the hell is 🍀Johnny James🍀???
  123. Who the hell are you..??
  124. There was a fire fight!!!!
  125. Most money you've taken from someone?
  126. Update
  127. The dirtiest empire in UE?
  128. The Theroux vs Voodoo Jester round fixture.
  129. suspended...jk vs Beiberhole69 vs suckapplejuice
  130. Holiday Rumble - Poetic Justice - Last Laugh
  131. Try to Beat Me. LMAO
  132. Merry Christmas Duel Me Contest
  133. Can someone please explain this to me?
  134. All out war assfam, empires ban together and destroy assfam.
  135. to rank 22,23,24 players what do you think of...
  136. Shotta gunplay from free agent
  137. So, who is the guy Jeff??
  138. Someone hit me
  139. Invitation to Dead Rabbits Empire - Farm me you kIttens
  140. Politics in UE
  141. Eva Armstrong
  142. Dead Rabbits is the greatest Viva La Dead Rabbits
  143. Ooo pvp chat makes me lol
  144. FA is ovuh!
  145. 6' deep not so deep!
  146. AF is done
  147. What happened on Assassin Fam empire ?
  148. Is this considered farming?
  149. Assassin Fam empire is coming back
  150. PvP Empire War "threats"
  151. Game farming
  152. The Curtain Closes, and the Audience Applauds.
  153. Losing Respect for Goodfellas!
  154. Does Russian Mafia..
  155. Worst Bs lines you ever heard afer attacking a player?
  156. Island girl / Blood Dragon Bullies
  157. What is crying/whining on pvp? what is drama-free empire?
  158. New "gang"?? Farmers Market
  159. Blood Dragon is the biggest bully EVER!!!!!!!
  160. Some A**hole's Opinion
  161. Some A**hole's Opinion
  162. 'Turn Up' is an Idiot and a Bully!
  163. UE's most infamous Players
  164. Top 5 empire most likely to hypothetically fall to diamond league
  166. Farming
  167. 🍷S̤̤̈m̤̤̈ b̤̤̈ẗ̤**̤s̤̈ ̤p̤̤̈n̤̤̤̈n̤̈...🍷
  168. Anson Vs. Hotwire
  169. PA is racist.
  170. I'm so tired from attacker
  171. To NIIIK
  172. Biggest loss on UE
  173. Da Man left Assassini Fam.
  174. Mikehunt hurts me..
  175. To Niiik [Forum game]
  176. Free Agent Such Mario Game.
  177. This guy is weak
  178. Offensive player GotCry
  179. Token eater
  180. Come at me d3!!!!
  181. Nik is my hero
  182. Nik is not a hero
  183. VJ Joins JC
  184. Drama?
  185. Goodbye to swamp father
  186. All hail Chelsea !
  187. War and Politics Forum section Rules
  188. Which empires did you use to get your badge?
  189. Let me Farm you!
  190. Finally!
  191. Wars! (Not EvE's...real wars!)
  192. Bro do you still pvp?
  193. Free Agent? Failed Empire?
  194. Petition to BAN DvEight from forum
  195. Coin Rewards
  196. Pound Town! Cry babies or just don't get it?? Hmm....
  197. please help with farmer
  198. Biggest lvl diffrence death or win during event
  199. Props to lower lvl players in event doing well.
  200. Why do people star Sin instead of Diablo/Raven?
  201. Battle Royale Affects PVP Record~
  202. Highest Token Eating?
  203. UE V2.0 Update still broken
  204. OMG (How I fixed UE V2.0 On Droid!)
  205. Biggest internet tough guys in the game
  206. Time to complain about the final fall rankings? Pick this thread!
  207. Why start a new empire?
  208. PVP based game?
  209. Opt-in Wars
  210. Lightening strike new superpower of ue
  211. Taking things too personally?
  212. Chosen uses nukes! A victims P.O.V
  213. People Crying
  214. Getting Farmed
  215. Is this behaviour considered normal in top empires?
  216. Fight your own level/rank range
  217. Season End congratulations
  218. Healing during EvE wars?
  219. What to do???
  220. Healthy Enforcer Competition
  221. Goodfellas Collapse!
  222. Heavy Weapons Demolitions Damage
  223. Individual Limits on Hitting Same Target (PvP)
  224. Best nuke
  225. World war event and Eve
  226. Most EVE Caps?
  227. Chat Messages
  228. EvE ranking
  229. General state of things
  230. Ok...Bring on the new executions....
  231. Pvp WAR Help
  232. Lifetime Battle Points
  233. Harassment
  234. I'm not BI-lingual, why should this handicap my amazing UE skillzors?
  235. EvE Rank Summer '15
  236. Tokens Eaten
  237. Highest level?
  238. PvP during EvE
  239. Suggestions that would most improve EVE
  240. Tokens Tokens Tokens
  241. PVP me
  242. Lower level enforcers as dangerous temptations
  243. [Resolved 10/24] 40 stamina pvp hits
  244. Duel Balance
  245. lvl 900 hitting lvl 90?
  246. Question: What do you find more annoying in EvE?
  247. Higher Damage is a loss??
  248. Can someone explain how pulling works?
  249. Unfair Pvp Ranking System
  250. Class-xp luitanants